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It's everything a boutique should be.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The Farmer's Wife, Creswick

I grew up in Melbourne. Shopping is second nature to me. As a child, department stores were my second home. Shopping was what we did with our spare time.

When I moved to Avoca, I had to adjust and online shopping became the norm. Every few months though I’d make the road trip back to Melbourne, armed with a decent budget, and get a good in-store fix.

These days, my shopping priorities are very different. I don’t have a lot in the way of spare time or spare money; and there aren’t that many special occasions to shop for. So, on the odd occasion I do get to a store for some “me time”, I am now looking for a completely different experience.

Previously, I was after options. I wanted to see as much as I could. Sales season was always a highlight.

Now, I am after so much more. I want an experience. I want to feel like I’ve been somewhere special. I want to find quality and I want something different. Department stores are out. I want a boutique, in every sense of the word.

Excitingly, I stumbled across exactly this in the township of Creswick. It’s called The Farmer’s Wife.

Looking at it from the street, the store is impressive. Walking in, it only gets better. You are greeted by warm lighting; an elegant yet subtle fragrance; a beautiful lay out; and a store owner, Bec, who is smiling, and genuinely pleased to meet you.

Everything inside has been carefully selected, so that alone makes it feel special. It’s a gorgeous collection of unique, high quality jewellery, clothes, books, and giftware. It’s mostly women’s ware, but there are some lovely things for men and children too.

Walking around, I kept reminding myself to slow down. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Also, I was in no rush for this experience to end.

Everything is displayed in harmony. Racks and shelves are coordinated so you’re not just drawn to one item; you’re drawn to a range. Everything looks in place, which for me at least, makes for a peaceful environment. Instead of being visually overwhelmed, like department stores, I’m taken on a journey through colours, textures and patterns.

Accompanying all this is a person in the store who is actually helpful. Bec clearly cared about my shopping experience, and made me feel like a valued customer; a quality that chain stores lost a long time ago (that’s if they even had it in the first place).

Furthermore, now more than ever, supporting a small, local business matters. I know high quality products are available from many places. But if someone near me can provide such a lovely shopping experience for to me to really escape into and enjoy, then least I can do is support that business. It’s win/win.

So, in case you’re still wondering, a trip to The Farmer’s Wife is well worth your effort.

49 Albert Street, Creswick Victoria


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