I was born and raised in Melbourne, and I loved all things city living. From a young age I planned to become a high-powered executive in a massive company, all based in a large, cosmopolitan city.

After university I landed my first career role in the national Public Affairs department of CPA Australia, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. I was on my way!  Then, in an unexpected twist, I fell for a country boy, and at 26, I moved my city life to the small town of Avoca in Victoria’s Pyrenees.

Much to everyone's surprise, country life suited me just fine, giving me the opportunity to start my own business - something else I never expected to happen.

Outside of work, I discovered a passion for exercise and healthy eating and I managed to pick-up a side gig as a fitness coach. I learned new ways to challenge my body and push myself to new heights, and I loved sharing this with like minded people, maybe even inspiring others if I could.

I stepped back from working life when my first baby arrived, and it was then I started freelance writing, purely for enjoyment.

After 10 years in Avoca, my family moved to Ballarat, where we welcomed our second child.

And now, here I am.

I live in Ballarat with my husband (the country boy) and our two sons, aged 7 and 5. I continue to run a small business and my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle is stronger than ever. My city girl roots still run deep, as my love of fashion finds new ways to emerge through my practical, working mum, city/country life.

Whether you need a copy writer and content creator, or you're just after a good read, you're in the right place. Pour yourself that third cup of tea for the day, or a cheeky glass of wine, settle in and read on....

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