Tell your story - 

it's what sets you apart and makes you unique

In a world flooded with options, you need to give customers more. You need to give them you!


Your story is the key to your success. It's what defines you, identifies, you, separates you from the pack and brings the right people close to you.

With over 15 years’ experience in corporate PR,

I can develop strategies and content that:

tells your story

conveys your brand

communicates your key messages

reaches your target audience.



Brand identification and development

Copy writing and content development for:

Websites / Blogs / Print Media / Newsletters / Reports

Strategic communications planning


Dr Andrew Clarke
CEO, Living Legends

Tatiana, you are the word doctor.

Wow Tatiana, you most certainly have a way with words!! Thank you so much for capturing exactly our passion for Ballarat, Real Estate, clients and staff.

You nailed it! I love it! You’ve captured everything about the Farmgate that I wanted you to. So clever.

Nathan Baker
Director, Ballarat Property Group

Susanna McPherson
Founder, Gordon Farmgate

Tatiana has managed the communications for:

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Tatiana has developed content for:

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